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Digital Movers is known for moving your brand into growth by serving your audience with the right information in their unique and unpredictable journey to purchase. Our belief is that visual interacting content is the lifeblood of brand engagement while activation and optimization drives conversion and online visibility. We offer you SEO, PPC, Social and content services.

Google Partner 2019

Social Case Study ROAS: 25,2

Our promise is digital growth and we bring it through you by serving you with our Social Advertising knowledge. In this below presented case we drove direct sales during 2019 through social media advertising (Facebook and Instagram). The products that are sold online have a product value of €1.500,- euros and has proven that any product can sell through good social media activation.

Traffic Campaigns

In the first month we've set up traffic campaigns focused on specific interests. This to drive new customers towards the website. In this first month we spend €500,- and earned €7.127. Our focus is to get campaigns profitable within three months.

Overall Growth

With the help of Look-A-Like audiences and other audiences and campaigns we were able to scale this social campaign in 2019 to a revenue of €569.572 euro where our add spend was just €22.599,- This means a ROAS of 25,2!

Conversion Campaigns

To follow up the traffic that came to the website out of our interest campaigns we've set up conversion campaigns in the first month. The ad spend in April was: €499,98 and we earned €15.539. This was only the first month of social advertising.

Can We Do It For You?

FOR SURE! It surely depends on your product and your website but if both are good then we are able to run profitable social campaigns within at least three months (depending on the amount of data you already have on your pixel).

30% Relevant organic user growth and 20% revenue growth for three categories

We were ambitious and set our goals to gain at least 30% in relevant organic traffic in nine months’ time for three categories within the webshop. This should lead to 20% more revenue eventually but this was secondary to relevant traffic. We grew all categories in terms of relevant traffic compared to last year with at least 40%. The result was that we grew the revenue for all categories as well except for 1. With the gap that you see in June we calculated that we accomplished our goals. We are currently optimizing for conversion within these categories through product, page and funnel optimization. These results were accomplished by applying linkbuilding and on-page optimizations



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