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Reach your target audience with programmatic display advertising

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Programmatic Display Advertising

Need more reach to create brand awareness in a personal way at the right time? How can you do that? Programmatic display advetising can do that for you, but what is it exactly?

Programmatic buying is, with the help of software, real-time bidding (RTB) on advertising space to show a specific advertisement to an individual consumer in a specific context.

Programmatic buying can be seen as buying an advertising space fully automatically. Algorithms analyze the online behavior of consumers based on cookies and big data and determine whether certain people are the right target group for your specific ad.

In theory, the ads are always displayed to the right customer at the right time and in the right place. This also explains why you suddenly see all banners of holiday spots if you have just done a search for your next holiday.

The use of programmatic display advertising

By using dynamic & rich media banners, text ads, video and all kinds of other methods, the specialists of Digital Movers bring your website to the attention of your preferred target audience.  We use big data and perfect segmentation which is available through programmatic platforms and in this way it is easier to target potential customers on an individual basis with relevant display ads as they browse the web.

How does it work?

The so called programmatic campaigns run on demand side platforms (DSP’s) which help advertisers decide which ad impression to purchase. The bidding system that is behind this is similar to that of Google Adwords, but we bid om impressions rather than clicks. This makes your campaign super relevant in upper funnel activities like creating awareness and reach. The DSP’s use the bids that it gets to show ads to your targeted audiences on your chosen sites. This provides you the possibility to be totally in control over where you ads are placed.


Benefits of programmatic advertising

Research from The Boston Consulting Group shows that programmatic marketing on average results in a 32% lower CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). In another survey KLM even achieved a 50% decrease in their CPA and an increase in their ROI of 200%. This means that most of your costs will go down per acquisition.

Since programmatic offers you the possibility to communicate 1-on-1 with your user it offers the possibility to create personalized messages. This provides a positive brand experience.  In addition to these above benefits it also offers Real-Time Data and insights since you are using automated technology. You can now easily track where your ad is shown and how much engagement it receives and tweak your campaign just the way you want.

Get Your Brand Moving With Programmatic Display Advertising!