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ROI of 11,7 due to successful Google search campaigns


About Waddenhop

They have been organizing adventure trips for sporty travelers for years, to e.g. Costa Rica and Spain. At the beginning of 2020, they were setting up a new sustainable travel organization. Unfortunately corona made it difficult to create, but they always like to look at the possibilities.

Years ago, Edwin Hiemstra had the idea during a midweek on Texel to go Wadden “hopping” with his family; starting at Texel and see how far you can get.

Wadden hopping turned out not to be that easy, due to the tide and the lack of boat connections. Many calls and emails later, they managed to put together a trip over all the Dutch Wadden Islands. A few months later, the first Waddenhop group arrived on Schiermonnikoog and the adventure could begin. The travelers experienced the Wadden with enthusiasm as if they were experiencing a travel adventure on the other side of the world.

Due to the enthusiasm of the travelers, but also of the islanders, the idea arose to market Waddenhop as a new travel option. And here they are! They look forward to taking you on an adventure across the Wadden Islands.

Google search ads

We created and are continiously work on optimizing campaigns for each type of travel and adventure Waddenhop offers. We use Google search ads to reach the right target audience.The campaigns are activated with the goals to create awareness, generate website traffic, increase the number of bookings and increase the ROI for Waddenhop.


Waddenhop (Netherlands)

Start date

March 1, 2021




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