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Recruiting volunteers to help children with a language deficiency for Stichting VoorleesExpress

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About Stichting VoorleesExpress

Children in the Netherlands appear to have unequal opportunities in education. They don’t have the same opportunities for a successful school career, even if they are just as smart. With equal intelligence, it determines from which family you come. If your parents are poorly educated and you are not stimulated much at home, you have less chance of a successful education career.

In addition, almost 15% of young people have a language deficiency and have great difficulty understanding the content of their textbooks.

Stichting VoorleesExpress ensures that children with a language deficiency receive extra attention. For six months, a volunteer will work with them and their parents on language and reading. Together with the parents, they strive for language and reading pleasure to have a permanent place in the family.

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Stichting VoorleesExpress (Netherlands)

Start date

November 1, 2021


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