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Creating SEO plan to optimize the website and organic position for Reypenaer


About Reypenaer

Grandpa Piet started trading cheese in 1936, actually as a medium of exchange for groceries. At the time he supplied these to the farmers in the vicinity of Woerden and he was paid in cheese. Cheese became increasingly important over time. Son Jan took over the company in 1946/47 and devoted himself completely to the ripening of cheese. The company developed slowly but steadily. The cheese was increasingly appreciated in the Netherlands. In 1975 the third generation presented itself with daughter Riet, son Jan and since 1995 son Rien. From 2019, the fourth generation also presented itself with Jan, son of Rien and from 2020 with Huug, son of Riet.

In their historic cheese warehouse, the cheeses are matured slowly and for a long time in a special microclimate. With stone walls, wooden floors and beams, with shutters, both inside and outside the cheese warehouse.

SEO plan

We created a complete SEO plan for Reypenaer to improve the website and organic position in Google for Reypenaer, based on technology, content and authority.


Reypenaer (Netherlands)

Start date

November, 2021


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