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Increasing brand awareness for Feel Good Finance

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About Financieel Zeker

Financieel Zeker is a financial service provider with a clear vision and sincere mission. Together, these have everything to do with achieving broad prosperity for people, the environment and society. Feel Good Finance: that’s what they call it. Their advisors are there for sound mortgage advice, insight into insurance and a conscious effort to build wealth.

They work independently, are appropriately qualified and feel involved. They do everything they can to make sure that you not only feel financially secure, but that you are.

Facebook ads, Google search ads and Instagram ads

We created several campaigns for Financieel Zeker, aimed at increasing brand awareness for their sustainable concept ‘Feel Good Finance’.

We use Facebook ads, Instagram ads and Google search ads to reach the right target audience. The campaigns are activated with the goals to create awareness and generate website traffic for Financieel Zeker.


Financieel Zeker (Netherlands)

Start date

January 1, 2022


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