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508 petitions signed and 166 donations


About 26.000 Gezichten

26,000 Gezichten is a series of short films about failed asylum seekers.
It is harmful to leave young refugees in uncertainty for too long about whether or not they can stay in the Netherlands. Moreover, it is harmful to send children who have sometimes had to wait 5 or 10 years for a decision (and who have grown up and rooted in the Netherlands in particular) to the country of origin of their parents. That is why in 2012 a children’s pardon was announced by the House of Representatives. However, this was not carried out as intended by the government.

Election campaign via Google ads, YouTube and Media buy-in

In April 2021, we set up an election campaign for 26.000 Gezichten via Google Ads, YouTube and Media Buy-in to draw more attention to and raise awareness for the problem and the poor legal position of young asylum seekers among Dutch voters of the elections.


26.000 Gezichten (Netherlands)

Start date

March 1, 2021


petitions signed




CTR at Google Ads


impressions via media buy-in

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