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Social media is not about creating a great brand. It’s about acting as if you already have one.

Outsource social media and you will gain more insights and drive conversion through your social channels. People spend a lot of time on all kinds of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. They leave a lot of usable data behind for you as a company. Data such as age, place of residence and interests. Thanks to social media advertising, we can target very specifically based on these data points.

Experience shows that the chance of conversion, and thus success, is very high when you offer the right message at the right moment. That is why advertising on social media is being used in more and more online marketing campaigns. When outsourcing your social media to Digital Movers you’ll have a trusted partner that can guide you through the complex landscape of social media advertising.


Outsource Social Media Advertsing with immediate results

Social advertising helps you to realize to grow your brand through improved reach as well as your set sales goals. When you outsource social media advertising to Digital Movers you can expect that we will guide your consumer through each phase of their journey. We help your customer get aware of you, consider you and eventualy let them purchase through social media chanels.

  • Awareness phase: in this phase we are going to show your brand to consumers through social media – we do not expect them to buy something right away, but we are working on the awareness of your company.
  • Interest phase: branding and sales come together in this hybrid phase. The target group wants to purchase a product from you in the long term and compares you with the competitor. We persuade them with your advertisement. By actively using social advertising (eg retargeting) you will not be forgotten and we invite the target group to visit the webshop or website again.
  • Purchase phase: by offering a tailor-made ad – for example with a personal discount or a review from previous consumers – we convince the consumer to fulfill their need at your company.

Why should you be interested in Social Media Ad campaigns?

What is the main benefit for advertising through social media? And why should you care? There are many benefits for advertising on social media. We will highlight some of them so you’ll get a better view of what you can get out of it.

  • Specific targeting. As you know social media makes it possible to target people for a set interest. This means that you can target people for specific interests related to your brand.
  • Data collection. Social media advertising also provides the possibility to test for example one advertising message to different target audiences to see which one responds best on it. It also offers the possibility to test different visual variations so you’ll gather data about what your target audiences likes and what not.
  • Measure online succes. Goal setting and the possibility to measure your results. When you outsource social media advertising to Digital Movers we can help you set your goals for Social media. It is still hard to set goals for most organizations so we can help them measure their success.
  • Drive traffic, cconversion and leads. Most people are on social media nowadays.Combining social media and advertising are the best combination to target potential clients through Instagram and Facebook. While you are more visible with your ads you are able to drive traffic to your website and drive leads and conversion.  With a well-articulated social media advertising plan, a company can improve its sales and profits for sure.



Expectations for outsourcing social media advertising

As we already described social media advertising is perfectly used when you want to target specific target audiences with specific interests. This can be done by setting up a campaign with the right content and the right message. When outsourcing social media advertising to Digital Movers you can expect the following things.

Setting objectives

What do you want to achieve with social media? What marketing goals are there already? Are these goals realistic? How do we measure the success of social media?

Content feedback or creation

A successful social media campaign relies heavily on how the content is created. Social media is all about valuable content and making your audience stop scrolling their timeline. It is therefor extremely important that your content sticks and that people will interact with it or click through your website by seeing your content. Digital Movers can support you in creating content or providing you feedback on it.

Channels and tone of voice

Does your target group use social media? If yes: which channels? How do you want to appeal to the target group, which tone of voice suits your company? What types of content do they normally see.

Target audience creation

The campaign starts with an audience and this is constantly developed during the campaign. While we gather more data we can also improve the audience for conversion.

Setting up, monitoring and planning.

The campaign is set up with the content and the messaging. We are setting it up and monitor the campaign over time. We optimize where needed to get the best results.


Finally, it is important to measure which messages from you (or from your competitors) score well. Digital Movers reports monthly and makes adjustments where necessary based on reports.

Social media channels

Social media is a broad term so it is needed for most people to specify what we mean with social media. We specify three types of social media within Digital Movers: LinkedIn advertising, Instagram advertising and Facebook advertising. We will highlight them one by one below.

Facebook Advertising

The largest social network at this point is definitely Facebook with more than 9.4 million people using it. The Facebook advertising platform offers extensive possibilities to segment and reach your target group within the customer journey. With Facebook advertising it is extremely easy to target your specific target audience with a specific message.


To advertise on Facebook they offer companies the Facebook Business Ads manager account. From your business manager account, Facebook advertising campaigns are set up, launched and managed on Facebook. Facebook advertising offers companies the opportunity to reach your website visitors again with retargeting campaigns, target specific groups of people based on specific characteristics such as interests, age, location, gender and level of education. By means of pixel tracking and showing relevant advertisements, you reach target groups with campaigns focused on reach, engagement lead generation and conversion. There are multiple options to serve your ads within the Facebook network: through the timeline, in the Facebook stories or at the right side of your timeline. When we start advertising we always aim for the best placements of your ads.

Instagram advertising

Besides Facebook, one of the most common ways to advertise and reach your audience is through Instagram. You can advertise and reach people besides the organic regular post you are placing yourself. The ads that you can place on Instagram are swipe or clickable and often appear as a short video of a maximum of 15 seconds, as an image with product tags or as a carousel advertisement where the target group can swipe past multiple photos. We are also able to build custom experiences for you to provide your target audience an experience they never had before. Within this platform they offer you the opportunity to reach your website visitors again with retargeting campaigns, target specific groups of people based on specific characteristics such as interests, age, location, gender and level of education. Again content is extremely important to make an impact on your target audience.

LinkedIn advertising

If we want to target people that are related to profession then LinkedIn can offer you the best possibilities to advertise. LinkedIn is the largest online network for professionals in the world. When you try to advertise B2B then this platform is the most suitable one. The power of LinkedIn advertising for companies lies primarily in reaching a specific target audience through hypertargeting. While using hypertargeting it is also more easy to gain leads and serve the right message to the right audience.

LinkedIn is very interesting and versatile for the B2B world. It offers for example a Lead gen form where you can drive leads within the LinkedIn platform. This is extremely efficient in terms of driving more leads.

Social Media Advertising Certification By Hootsuite

Social Media Advertising Certification By Hootsuite

  • Industry-recognized certification that demonstrates our expertise with the essential elements of social marketing to clients and employers.

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