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Outsource your Social Advertsing activities.

Social media is not about creating a great brand. It’s about acting as if you already have one.

People spend a lot of time on all kinds of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. They leave a lot of usable data behind. Data such as age, place of residence and interests. Thanks to social advertising, we can target very specifically based on these data.

Experience shows that the chance of conversion, and thus success, is very high when you offer the right message at the right moment. That is why advertising on social media is being used in more and more online marketing campaigns.

Why social advertising?

Social advertising helps you to realize both your branding and sales goals. We can bring your company to the attention of the target group in the full purchase funnel through different phases: Awareness, Consideration, Purchase

  • Awareness phase: in this phase we are going to show your brand to consumers through social media – we do not expect them to buy something right away, but we are working on the awareness of your company.
  • Interest phase: branding and sales come together in this hybrid phase. The target group wants to purchase a product from you in the long term and compares you with the competitor. We persuade them with your advertisement. By actively using social advertising (eg retargeting) you will not be forgotten and we invite the target group to visit the webshop or website again.
  • Purchase phase: by offering a tailor-made advertisement – for example with a personal discount – we convince the consumer to fulfill their need at your company.

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Social Marketing Certified By Hootsuite

Social Marketing Certified By Hootsuite

  • Industry-recognized certification that demonstrates your expertise with the essential elements of social marketing to clients and employers.
  • A permanent online certificate to showcase your digital expertise that you can link to from your blog, website, or any other online profile.

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