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Outsource your email campaigns

Make it simple, Make it memorable, Make it personal, Make it fun to read.

It is still true that email marketing is part of the customer journey and that email can be used in addition to tools such as search engine marketing such as advertising via Google AdWords, search engine optimization, content marketing and social media marketing.

Email is the perfect way to reach your current customer (people who are already interested in your organization) and to get more conversion from this existing customer.

What are the requirements for a good email campaign?

A good email campaign offers the right message and information in the right moment. The user want to receive a personalized message and preferably with offers and information that are specifically tailored to his or her needs.

It is therefore not surprising that segmentation in the target group, personalization and automation are important keywords in the creation of a converting and lead generating email campaign.

Why would you outsource your email campaigns?

Anyone can create an email campaign. Anyone can also hammer a shed.

Digital Movers makes the difference by going beyond just compiling a newsletter.

  • Digital Movers creates email campaigns measurable that are measurable
  • We help you with an effective e-mail strategy
  • We provide fully automated email campaigns.
  • We provide the right amount of text and links in your email

Knowing more?

Did this trigger you and would you like to take the next step in your email campaigns? We are happy to help you further and ensure that your customer relationship gets a professional impression of your organization.

Get Your Brand Moving With Automated Email Campaigns!