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Stimulate growth with a mobile first advertising campaign

82% of time spent with Mobile Media happens Via Mobile Apps

Your consumer is already mobile first! Are you?

Nowadays everybody is connected through their mobile phone. Mobile is therefore one of the key drivers to conversion and is defined as one of the most important touchpoints within the customer journey.  This is why mobile advertising is one of the most important possibilities of interacting with your consumer.

What is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising is advertising on various mobile devices. Whether this is a mobile phone, tablet or other device.

More and more people use their mobile device to surf online, shop or search for information. That makes it interesting for many companies to delve into mobile advertising. Within a short time, many people can be reached with targeted information. Ultimately this will result in better conversion rates.

Opportunities Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is starting to gain more and more ground in online marketing. Especially since Google  rolled out their mobile firs indexing strategy and shifts towards mobile devices are increasing.

We distinguish four types of mobile advertising:

Each type of advertising has its own benefit and can bring you a lot of succes and better conversion rates in a short matter of time. We would further guide you in the world of mobile advertising and help you better understand what solutions fits best for your business.

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