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“For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough.”

Zig Ziglar

Looking for a LinkedIn ad agency? Advertising is all about reaching your target audience. Do you want to sell a product or service, are you looking for employees or are you organizing an event? If you, as an organization, want to address other professionals, you obviously do so most effectively on LinkedIn. There are more than 600 million accounts that are easily accessible and where it is clear in which sector they work. Isn’t that exactly what you can expect from a LinkedIn ad agency to set up a good campaign?

But how exactly does advertising on LinkedIn work, is it very expensive and what technical knowledge do you need to have? Can you also outsource your LinkedIn campaigns? What are the possibilities of a LinkedIn ad agency? How do you analyze the effectiveness of a running advertisement and what do you have to prepare yourself to be successful on this platform?

For professionals who want to know immediately what it costs: LinkedIn sells advertisements through an auction. Your offer therefore competes with that of other providers who want to reach the same target group. It is therefore wise to indicate your target group as well as possible based on characteristics. When your ad is placed, there are several options for payment. This can be done per click (CPC) or per 1,000 clicks (CPM). Another option is to opt for sponsored Inmail, where you only pay when your message has been delivered. Does that sound good? Then the following will certainly interest you.


Setting up a LinkedIn campaigns and options by a LinkedIn ad agency

Maybe you thought LinkedIn was only meant to be a network for professionals around the world. However, there are also more options, such as reaching a unique target group. More than 600 million professionals are currently available. LinkedIn offers the special option to select by job title, position and industry for example. And that’s not all, because you can also select by continent, country, region or city. A LinkedIn ad agency knows all the options for a succesful LinkedIn campaign.

Imagine how effective you can set up a LinkedIn campaign and how directly you can reach your target group. It is therefore also possible to focus the campaign entirely on gaining more brand awareness or generating leads. But also approaching potential employees or participants in projects or events very specifically is certainly possible in this way. Of course you keep control over everything that happens and you can keep costs under control. It is possible to stop the LinkedIn campaign at any time. That’s ideal, because that way you can stop once you’ve reached your goal. Make sure you know what you are doing while LinkedIn clicks are the most expensive ones in the industry.

LinkedIn Advertising Agency

What do you have to think about when you start advertising on LinkedIn? A LinkedIn advertising agency can tell you all about this, but we will already lift a tip of the veil for you. In many ways, advertising on this network is comparable to other campaigns, but because you target a specific target group, you also need to make extra preparations. It is essential that the landing page is complete and contains current information. Is there enough recent and relevant updates on your company page, so that visitors get a good impression? Are the contact details all up-to-date and have you made preparations so that every message is answered? After all, the first impression is the most important.

Also, the content which is spread by your organization must be high quality. You need to be the expert when providing value to your audience.

In addition, advertising on LinkedIn offers a lot of extra functionalities. It is wise to take advantage of that to get the most out of your investment. Use the tools available to measure effectiveness. For example, install the insight tag correctly and measure specific events on your page. This is an analysis tool that gives you insight into who visits the ad and how many of them take action. In short, the LinkedIn insight tag is a cookie that you can integrate on your company website to keep track of the campaign at any time. There are also many more options to lead the visitors of your ad to your landing page faster.

If you want to be able to control all the options of the LinkedIn advertising agency or advertising agency, you can also follow a course or let your marketing employees do that. There are also many providers who work as a kind of subcontractor and are able to tailor the campaign entirely to your wishes, using all the tools that LinkedIn offers. Because a LinkedIn advertising agency is already working on this on a daily basis, we know exactly the tricks of the trade and we may find opportunities that you as a beginner would not try so easily.



Outsource LinkedIn Marketing To Digital Movers

Advertising on LinkedIn is reportedly not exactly cheap. On average, the costs per CPM (1000 clicks) or per CPC (click) are higher than with other media. The advantage is that with LinkedIn it is much easier to reach exactly your target group. In order to set up a successful campaign, it is just as important with LinkedIn as with other advertising that your message is read by the people it is intended for. You can have that set up yourself or you can outsource your LinkedIn marketing. The latter has the advantage that you can look for a LinkedIn agency like Digital Movers who knows all the functionality of LinkedIn and has experience with campaigns.

With outsourcing LinkedIn marketing you can outsource part of the campaign, but also the entire campaign including the content creation part. In the latter case, you will have to provide some material yourself, but the complete workload can be taken off your hands. That is logical, because advertising is always about the content and that requires specialist knowledge. On LinkedIn you come into contact with professionals and the advertisement must also be tailored to that. A good text makes it clear that the advertiser also knows who he is addressing and does not lapse into generalities. If you are going to outsource your LinkedIn marketing, a good agency will always ask for your input and will not want to do everything itself.

Want to get started on LinkedIn right away? Then you can contact us. We are a LinkedIn ad agency and a specialist in the field of online marketing (SEA, SEO and Social). We can take care of the entire LinkedIn campaign for you, but also take care of that part that you do not like yourself. Would you like more information about this? Then feel free to contact us.


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