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Advertising isn’t a science its persuasion and persuasion is an art.

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Lead Generation Agency

In order to generate good quality leads, you’ll need a lead generation agency that understands how to use a proven strategy for driving leads for your organization. Our strategy is tested and proven where we use the combination of content and activation tools for driving leads. Our solid results are based on three pillars: qualitative content, activation, and nurturing.

Lead generation agencies are mostly used in the world of business to business and therefor we are also seen as a b2b lead generation agency. In order to drive leads we will further provide you insights in what lead generation is, which strategy we’ll use, and how we’ll nurture the leads in a good way.

What is lead generation and how we define it

In the simplest way, lead generation is the process of getting in touch with potential clients for your organization. A lead is a person who has shown an interest in your brand’s product or service offerings – in other words, a potential client.

We define it a bit different in terms of who a business to business lead is: it usually refers to high-level executives and/or professional buyers that have the authority to make decisions about purchasing new software, services, or products at their company. 

So, in order to attract and convert potential clients we need to push them through different stages. First introduce your organization to the audience and show them your relevance in unique ways, then attracting their interest, and ultimately making a sale. On our side we push potential clients to your organization where the sale needs to be made from the organization their side.

Benefits Of Lead Generation Trough Digital Marketing?

Now that we understand how we define leads we also need to understand what the benefits are for your organization. The easy answer is that without leads you are exceedingly unlikely to make a sale. The other explanation is that when you push lead generation through online marketing your reach is much wider and you are able to scale to wherever and whoever you want. For driving leads to your organization, we use digital marketing tools to scale.

Using digital marketing tools for lead generation creates the following 7 benefits:

  • Creates brand awareness
  • Increases sales and profit ratio
  • Contributes to a positive ROI (return on investment)
  • Allows you to target your desired audience
  • Buyers get access to detailed information
  • Allows you to collect data about your prospects
  • It’s cost effective

Lead Generation Strategies

There are multiple lead generation strategies to use. We think there are two main strategies to follow for getting the leads: both inbound and outbound lead generation.

  • Inbound lead generation for B2B.We collect the contact information from your potential client. This is driven by interest through marketing campaigns.
  • Outbound lead generation for B2B.You purchase a contact list from third-party providers or scrap them from third-party websites and social media.

The difference between both lies in the quality of the leads. Inbound B2B leads are considered high potential while these people declared their interest in your organization. Outbound sales leads can be less qualitative so always check the reliability as well. At Digital Movers and De Wolven we focus ourselves on Inbound lead generation for B2B.

One of the strategies which we follow is the one of content marketing both through online and offline channels. Your potential client is always looking for getting more knowledge and interesting facts so therefor content can play an important role.

The Content Marketing Institute did a survey and found out that roughly 80% of companies use content marketing for their lead generation while SEO lead generation is used. SEO lead generation is one of the easiest and smartest ways to rank for the right keywords with good and attracting content.

Content can be used in three ways:

    1. For your website with SEO
    2. For outreach to interesting media
    3. For activation through various online marketing channels.


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Content for your website

When you are using a SEO lead generation strategy it is important that you start with good keyword research to understand where the need of your audience lies. This keyword research can exist out of two types of keywords: broad match keywords and high intent keywords. When you created this insight, it is important that you write both content for broader and narrower (with high intention) keywords.

We define four types of keywords in terms of intention and the way they search for it.

  1. Informational— when people are searching for random information (lowest intention)
  2. Commercial — when people are searching for product comparisons or reviews of specific items (medium intention)
  3. Transactional — when people are searching for specific items that they want to buy right away (higher intention)
  4. Navigational— when people are searching for a specific website or brand (highest intention)

For hitting the right audience, you need content for all phases so you can guide them through the process. Also creating content based on market insights can help you guide people to your website.

Content for outreach 

By making content the driver for success it is important to use it in various ways and to various channels. One of the most important touch points for your B2B lead generation strategy is publications through PR. With The Wolven on board for driving leads we have a dedicated partner which is successful in writing and publishing the right stories for your audience.

It actually doesn’t matter whether you are a B2B company or a B2C company we always look for the right story to tell the right media that fits your audience.  PR can be a great way to grow your business, but no one will respond to your press releases or media kits unless you have something truly meaningful to say. And the one thing that no one else has to offer besides you is the story of your company. From the CEO’s new corporate strategy to your latest product launch, the story of your company is always evolving. Telling this story is about providing an insight inside your company and taking your audience by the hand through your company.

Making sure that your organizations story is part of the lead generation strategy ensures your company to be visible in the right way and helps you build authority in the market. By publishing these stories through both online and offline channels will guarantee you the leads you are seeking for.

Content for activation through online channels

Content is king they say and that is true for both SEO lead generation but also for activating the content through online marketing channels like LinkedIn for example. We use, so to say “lead magnets” for this strategy.

A lead magnet is an offer that you can promote to prospective customers in exchange for their email address and perhaps other forms of information (such as name and phone numbers).

For example, we can push content to your target audience which we created in the content creation part for the website but we can also create other kinds of “magnets” which can be interesting for your target audience:

  • Ebooks
  • Courses
  • Cheatsheets
  • Guides
  • Original researches
  • Ready-made templates
  • Webinars

By using activation tools like LinkedIn we are able to push content or “magnets” to your audience where we think they are relevant for conversion. Most of the time these materials are quite relevant for your audience although it costs a bit more time (and money) to set it up. Even though these are very important in generating B2B leads through a channel like LinkedIn. As mentioned, the sales cycles are longer for B2B compared to B2C so that’s why getting people’s email addresses is the best chance for building the relationship with your potential client after they leave your website. And the only way to do so is to offer some unique value with content.




The process of getting a lead is nice but as mentioned it is even more important to nurture the lead when they left their information. As a lead generation agency we can tell you exactly how to nurture your leads in the right way.

Some companies feel that they need to get in touch with them immediately and some would like to build a relationship before getting in touch. Either way; lead times are longer for B2B leads compared to B2C leads so we need to nurture the leads when they left their information to your organization.

We can use a combination of retargeting and email marketing campaigns to keep people engaged and try to move them through certain types of content. By setting up a complete marketing automation script based on so-called personas and the content we are able to nurture the lead in various ways.

With marketing automation you provide relevant information at the right time based on click and reading behavior. Before it gets that far, it takes some thinking. After all, who needs what information and in what form when in the purchasing process? The result is a personal buyer journey. Every visitor steps in at a different time and is then guided to suitable content based on his or her interests.

For example, your visitors download a whitepaper through LinkedIn or directly read e-mails, click on a blog, download a whitepaper or register for a webinar. Every action earns points. The more interaction, the more points. The visitor will not notice this. You do, you see your lead list grow. If a visitor has accumulated many points, you can almost be sure that he or she is interested in your offer. That is precisely when it is time to make personal contact.


De Wolven is a PR and communication agency based in Amsterdam. they believe in the power of stories: from organizations, people, brands. Stories with content, large or small, that need to be shared with the rest of the world.

With a team of media and communication experts, journalists and marketing professionals, they develop effective communication strategies, concepts and PR campaigns that strengthen the relationship between our customers and their audiences. We do this for meaningful organizations, for clients that they are proud of.

We utilize our strategic partnership with De Wolven to drive leads for your organization. De Wolven is specialized in creating qualitative content and activating it to relevant media like BNR nieuwsradio, FD, AD etc. We are happy to have them on board for driving the best results for your organization.

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