Clear insights are the foundation for a successful digital campaign.

Digital Movers is known for creating successful digital campaigns by using visual assets. This all starts with gathering insights. This phase helps us to determine the direction and the delivery of expeditious results.

Our process pulls insights from qualitative data, quantitative data, competitive analysis and keyword research to identify the consumer who we are trying to reach and new consumers that we are not reaching at this moment.

By doing so we better understand what this consumer is doing, what conversations they are having and how we can help them with the challenges they face. It is a purposeful effort to learn much about the existing situation, who is affected by our campaign, what changes could improve the current situation and what resources, tactics and tools we should use to create a movement.

Internal Analysis

We collect data and analyze your target audience's behaviour on your website.

SEO Analysis

With a good SEO analysis we are able to analyse where we can get better page rankings in searchs engines like Google.

Paid, Owned & Earned media Analysis

We analyze the best way to use paid, owned and earned media strategies in our campaign

Buyer Persona Analysis

An analysis of the buyer persona to be succesful in our visual marketing campaign.

Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis will help us to understand where we can stand out.

Social Listening

We can analyse what your target audience is saying in the social space.

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