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Image Extensions Within Google Ads

You may have heard about it recently: image extensions within Google Ads. It is being talked about more and more, but what exactly does it mean? Why are image extensions important within your Google Ads campaigns and what should you keep in mind?

Let us explain you the feature!

What are image extensions?

First of all, it is good to know what image extensions are. An image extension is a type of ad extension with an image. If you choose this with Google Ads, a small photo will be displayed with your ad. It will appear next to the text in the search results. Thanks to the image, your ad will be more noticeable in the search results. Moreover, you can immediately give prospects a first impression of your product or service.

Why are image extensions important with Google Ads?

Image extensions are important to make your ad more noticeable. Because your website with an image stands out more in the search results, people are more likely to click through to your website. Moreover, visitors get a clearer picture of the product or service, so that the traffic landing on your website will be more relevant. Furthermore, image extensions in Google Ads are a way to create more recognition.

Thus, image extensions with Google Ads have a number of advantages:

  • Increase of visibility
  • Visitors get a clearer picture of your product or service
  • Visitors who end up on your website are more relevant
  • Increase of recognition on the internet

What do you have to take into account when using image extensions in your Google Ads campaign?

Now that we have seen that image extensions have clear advantages, it is nice to know how you can get started with them. What should you keep in mind when using image extensions with Google Ads? Image extensions have recently become available in beta in Google Ads. It is free in theory, but like the other extensions, you pay per click.

The following points are important to keep in mind for using image extensions within Google Ads:

  • Use only high quality images
  • You can upload up to 20 images
  • Square images are best suited for Google Ads
  • Make sure the photo meets Google Ads requirements
  • It can take 5 working days for an image extension to be shown in Google search results
  • You must have access with your account

Need help with image extensions in your Google Ads campaign?

Would you like to enable image extensions with Google Ads, but you are not sure which requirements they must meet? Or are you not sure if you have access with your account? We are always open to help you further with your Google Ads campaigns. Need some help with it? Our PPC specialists are always open for a cup of coffee, to get you going.

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