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Stimulate growth with Google App Campaigns

82% of time spent with Mobile Media happens Via Mobile Apps

Do you feel you have a great App but activity stays behind?

We create Google App campaigns while using Machine Learning to get you the downloads or in-app actions that you want.

Machine Learning

We are making use of Google’s algoritm to promote your mobile app accros Google’s expansive networks. The campaign can be launched accros Google Search, the Google Display Network, YouTube, the Google Play store (Android Apps only) and the mobile app network AdMob.

The campaigns that we can set up are based on both upper and lower funnel activity which are installs & shallow actions (upper funnel) and for example purchases or in app actions (lower funnel activity).

Per campaign, there should be at least 10 total event actions per day for the machine to analyze at top functionality.

Additionally, Google recommends one campaign for only targeting installs at scale, and another campaign with the max number of in-app events—optimizing towards higher value installs (likely to purchase or subscribe).

This way you can drive installs at volume, as well as optimize towards high-quality customers, enabling you to identify key performance drivers.

While Apps become more and more important for business Digital Movers is able to help you further with getting more users to your app and help you get more activity within your App.


Get Your App Moving With Our Google App Campaigns!