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Third party cookies are going to disappear and that is why it is good to switch to first party data. When will the third party cookies disappear and what do you need to know about them? What is the difference between third party cookies and first party data? What can you do now to prepare your website for this change? You can read it in this article.

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When are third party cookies going to disappear?

According to Google, third party cookies will disappear in 2023. It is not expected to be until the autumn of 2023. It is smart to switch to first party data, so that you will no longer be bothered by this at all around that time.


What is the difference between first party data and third party data?

To explain the difference between these data, we briefly discuss first party cookies and third party cookies.

What are first party cookies?

First party cookies are placed on your own website. With these cookies it is possible for you to view information about the behavior of your website visitors. For example, consider Google Analytics. So you gain insight into the visitors to your website and see, among other things, which page they stay on the longest, which page is clicked through the most, et cetera.

What are third party cookies?

What are third party cookies? Third party cookies are therefore cookies on the websites of third parties. These are collected, for example, by LinkedIn, Facebook and Google. This may be necessary if you want to advertise on Facebook or LinkedIn. The behavior of visitors is monitored on several websites, so that a clearer picture of the user is created. For example, you can find out what your target group’s hobbies are, how often they go out and how much money they have to spend. So that goes pretty far.


What is the difference between first party cookies and third party cookies?

Simply put, first party cookies only concern your own website and third party cookies the websites of third parties, so that you can obtain much broader information. This will disappear from 2023 and that of course also has everything to do with privacy.

Switch to first party data

Phasing out third party cookies means a significant change for many companies. After all, you are less able to monitor what you should focus on with your marketing campaigns. For now, first party data seem to be the answer. Do you want to know how to make optimal use of it? Feel free to contact Digital Movers for more information. Our specialists can tell you exactly why you should switch from third party cookies to first party data and how you can achieve this.

Be prepared and make sure that your marketing strategy does not suddenly fall apart with these changes.

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