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Digital Movers: Certified google partner agnecy

Digital Movers: Certified google partner agnecy

With Digital Movers’ knowledge and expertise, we have obtained a certified Google Partner Badge recognised by Google. But what is Google Partners? And how do you become a Google Partner?

Google partners is a program by Google which helps advertising agencies, online marketing professionals and consultants with managing a Google Ads account. A Google Partner-badge certifies that at least one employee has been assessed for their proficiency and skills through Google Ads training programs. This means that our team can demonstrate Google Ads expertise and are able to deliver revenue growth for our clients. In addition, we have sustained growth of our client base and are up-to-date with the latest product knowledge.

As part of the programme, not only do companies need to complete Google’s training and assessments, but they are also required to meet a minimum requirement spend in euros. This way, we can prove that we are able to put our theory into practice by spending a healthy amount of real-world activity.

Your certified google partner agency

Here at Digital Movers, we are proud to be a Google Partner Agency. Driven by the latest tech tools, knowledge, and success in initiating high-impact but low-cost Google Ads and PPC campaigns, we are committed to reach the right people through the right channels. If your company wants to work with an official Google Partner for Google Ads, you can reach out to Digital Movers.


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