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Advertising on Ecosia and other sustainable search engines

Does your company stand for sustainability or would you like to make the world a little more sustainable? There are multiple sustainable search engines on which you can advertise. The most well-known search engine is probably Ecosia, but there are others. Advertise on Ecosia or another sustainable search engine? We would like to give you a sneak peek below.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is a sustainable search engine?

A sustainable search engine is a search engine that pays attention to the environment. Google’s servers, for example, do not all run on renewable energy, so some developers felt that this could be done better. For example, Ecosia was created, which uses 80% of the profits to plant trees.

3 sustainable search engines

Below we briefly explain 3 sustainable search engines.


The best-known sustainable search engine is Ecosia. So, this search engine uses 80% of its profits to plant trees. However, there is more, because searches are also encrypted and the information about the user is not stored. More privacy, and that is also a good thing for many people. Furthermore, your data will not be sold to advertisers.

Elliot for Water

This sustainable search engine is less known, but also on the rise. This search engine is all about clean drinking water. 60% of the profit is spent on clean drinking water projects in developing countries. Polluted water is filtered using solar energy. The mission of Elliot for Water is to provide as much clean drinking water as possible, while respecting the local culture and nature.


Ekoru is a sustainable search engine founded by an Australian. The name is a tribute to the Maoris. The koru is a shell that was used as a symbol by the Maori. This search engine donates part of its profits to partners of the Ocean Cleanup project. In addition, each month money is raised for a good cause, the purpose of which varies. And another very sustainable point: the servers run on hydroelectricity.

Advertising on Ecosia or another sustainable search engine?

Do you want to advertise on Ecosia or another sustainable search engine? That is a sustainable choice for you and for your company. For example, Ecosia’s advertising revenue is spent on planting trees. You therefore indirectly contribute to a greener world by advertising on this sustainable search engine. Of course you can also advertise with other sustainable search engines, such as the examples above.

Outsourcing advertising on sustainable search engines

Have you been working on search engine ads for a while, but haven’t seen any results yet? Do you want to do it yourself and don’t know where to start? Or have you outsourced ads on sustainable search engines with an agency, but the costs outweigh the benefits? Please feel free to contact us. Our digital marketing specialists know everything about advertising on sustainable search engines. This way you will get more out of your marketing, you can make even more customers happy with your product or service and you contribute to a greener world.

Need help with advertising on sustainable search enginesOur Google ads specialists are always open to help you further!

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